Introduction To Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seat are commonly known as toilet seat riser or elevated toilet seat are used by people who have difficulty when it comes to sitting down and standing up again. Therefore, it is more convenient for them by raising the seat higher so the distance between sitting down and standing up decreases. It is used as a medical devices for those who have limited mobility to use the restroom safely and confidently without any help or pain. It is commonly used by many elderly,disabled or post-surgery people. This is because it will be almost impossible to have the ability to sit down and standing up again post surgery without impeding rehabilitation process is important for a speedy recovery.raised-toilet-seat

One of the easiest ways to reduce knee from straining or after a major hip replacement surgery is to use toilet seat riser when using a bathroom. Make sure that you do not bend more than 90 degrees when you are sitting. The rail supports will assists you to get into the sitting position easier. There is no proper and certain height for people who just completed their hip replacement surgery but the  hip surgery toilet height recommended by surgeons are approximately  17 to 19 inches.

It might be difficult or painful to bend to use the bathroom. Things we take for granted become disrupted and daunting. Therefore, getting a toilet seat riser can make a huge difference as it comes with a variety of styles and sizes to meet your requirements. For extra comfort you can get seats that are inflatable or soft,with arm supports and even uplift seats to make your daily tasks using the bathroom much more comfortable and easier.

It can be a very personal session of using the bathroom for  many elderly, post-surgery people and disabled as for using the bathroom independently can increase their self-confidence and dignity. In fact, there are many ways to improve one’s bathroom experience. For any handicap washroom, it can be hassle free installation. Raised toilets can help people that have difficulty getting back up from the toilet. Besides that, it does not require any additional cleanup.

It can destroy someone’s self confidence and esteem for an individual that requires someone to assists him or her to use the bathroom. Therefore, getting a toilet seat riser can avoid that entirely. In this article, we will help you to choose the best one for your needs and allow the user to maintain their independence and safety by referring to our simple guide.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Raised Toilet Seat

1.How high the elevator needs to be?

The height is based on the individual. If he or she is recovering from injury or surgery, it is usually suggested to increase the height to minimize the stress and strain of the lower body. About 5.5 inches of elevation is ideal for injury recover and temporary rehabilitation requirements.

As for extended usage, 4 inches riser that is permanently installed provides the user with the elevation they require while being comfortable with it. It is suggested that you consider the height you needs before making a purchase.

2.Which seats are suitable for me?

That are so many types available in the market today. Most of them are locked to the bowl with clamps and brackets. Also, some of them rest on top of the bowl and are held in place by the weight of the user. If you are looking for something that relieve pain from pressure sores and hemorrhoids you can a seats that are filled with foam padding and are attached to the lid so that it can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Most important of all, make sure that the one you purchased can be secured properly which is very important when it comes to safety.

3.How do I choose the right one for my weight?

Most elevators can hold up to 250 pounds or more. If the user is over than the weight limit, you can always get seats that are heavy-duty. It can hold up to over 500 pounds! Models that can hold over 500 pounds usually are designed to be wider and more accommodating than the standard seats. It has become more popular recently as the number of overweight Us population has been increasing tremendously recently.

How to Choose a Raised Toilet Seat

There are so many variations that you can get on the market today. However, the most important top 3 factors to you to considerate when choosing your raised toilet seat is height,stability,and weight.

1.Height. The distance between the user and the toilet decreases as the seats gets higher. This helps to apply less stain on the hips and knees when the user is sitting or standing. The amount of elevation you need must be taken into consideration due to the many variations models. Most elevated toilet seat will range in height from two to six inches. The elevations allow the user to cater based on their specific injury or disability.

2. Stability. The stability of the riser can vary as it can be styled and secured in many different ways. Some are very thick and stable and comes with arms and locking clamps designed for users to hold on it for security concerns. Others are simple padded risers that are secured with non-skid pads. The needed stability of the seat will be based on the balance and stability of the user.

3.Weight. The standard weight capacity is at least 250 pounds for most toilet elevator. The heavier the user is, the weight capacity that you will need to choose becomes higher. For users that are overweight, heavy-duty seat risers may be needed to be considered.

It is very important that you consider your weight,height and the extent of your disability when it comes to choosing the perfect one before you purchased whether you are recovering from a minor injury or looking for a relief for your arthritis pain. Regardless if you want to buy a padded cushion or seats that are heavy duty but you need to keep in mind these points and questions before you purchased. You will be able to determine that you purchased the best raised toilet seat for the years to come. seatelevated toilet seat,How to Choose a Raised Toilet Seat,Introduction To Raised Toilet Seat,Most Frequently Asked Questions About Raised Toilet Seat,raised toilet seat,toilet seat riserIntroduction To Raised Toilet Seat Raised toilet seat are commonly known as toilet seat riser or elevated toilet seat are used by people who have difficulty when it comes to sitting down and standing up again. Therefore, it is more convenient for them by raising the seat higher so the...It's all about things u need to know about your toilet seat, toilet holder, shower curtain and shower candy.