Introduction To Toilet Bowl Brush

A toilet bowl brush is used as a tool for cleaning your toilet bowls. It can be used to clean the toilet’s upper area and around the bowl. However, it can’t be used to clean into the toilet’s U-bend as it is rather far. In many other cultures, it is known to be impolite to clean away the biological debris without using the chemical cleaning products. This is because it can leave residue on the bristles. There are some that consider it impolite not to wash away the biological debris immediately using the brush.toilet-bowl-brush

What makes a typical toilet bowl brush? It should consists of a hard bristled end which usually comes with a rounded shape and a long handle. As for today’s market, most of the brushes are made out of plastic but were made from wood with pig bristles or from hair of oxen,horses,and badgers. It is typically stored in a holder. In some other cases, it is completely hidden in a tube.

There is a small difference for a electric toilet brush from a normal one. The bristles are fastened on the rotor of a motor which is quite similar to toothbrush that are electrical. The power supply is attached to it without the need of metal contact through electromagnetic induction.

A few years ago,there has been a shift in design by emphasizing on the ergonomically designed brushes. The further design enhancements have been including holders that can snap shut around the bristled end to prevent the smells and germs from releasing.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?


The number of times you should clean your bathroom is different for every household. As a rule of thumb, you need to clean it once a week but that does not mean that you do not clean it for a full week. You may need to clean it more frequently if you have kids.

There are some bathroom do not have flush that is powerful enough to keep the stains off the bowl and you will feel that it is nasty if you do not clean it regularly. Regardless the frequency you clean your bathroom, you will not damage the bathroom if you are doing it the right way.

The Best Way To Clean A Toilet With A Toilet Brush

When you are cleaning your toilet,you must know that there are a lot of chemicals and cleaners that you can choose from. Most of them are very harsh smelling and you need to avoid contact with the actual chemical while you are using your toilet bowl brush to scrub them. There are people that prefer to leave the cleaners after you have scrubbed to further ensure that the bacteria are gone but some will say that it can damage the toilet’s gloss if you leave it.

However, the truth is that you can clean it with vinegar. It is actually good enough to get the job done even if you do not want to brush it; thought it is better to brush it with your toilet bowl brush which will make sure that you reach all of the tight areas around the bowl ring.

All you need to do is you simply pour in a cup of vinegar and leave it there. The vinegar will soak into the stains and remove them in a short period of time. It can even remove solid waste as well even if the waste is dried on. After that, you can simply flush down the vinegar and use the brush on the rest.

Should You Buy A New Toilet Bowl Brush?

If you did not realize, most of us are probably using the toilet bowl brush wrongly. This will leave the brush holders festering with hidden bacteria and keeping it for far too long. Many experts suggested that we need to replace the brushes after a few months or when you are starting to notice the bristles are bent.

However, you can extend the life of the brush if you spray it regularly and its holder with a good bleach solution but it is not only the germs that should prompt a toilet brush replacement.

How To Prevent Your Toilet Bowl Brush From Turning Yellow

A bathroom is an ideal area for bacteria to flourish. It is a room that people find it difficult to clean. Most of the trouble comes when you are trying to clean it as it is an area in your house that is filled with waste constantly.

The more diligent you are to keep the bowl clean, it is more likely the brush is going to get more strained and yellowed. The discoloration is not cosmetic if you do not clean your brush frequently. It is certain that it would be covered in unwanted bacteria and germs. There is no need to waste money for a new brush just because it is discolored. To ensure that your bathroom is always sanitary and restoring your brush from yellow to white. You need to disinfect once every few weeks before it starts to turn yellow. We are going to show you a few cleaning tips and tricks by using your toilet bowl brush.

  1. Read the label on the bottle of the cleaner whether if it contains chlorine bleach. You can skip this to step 4 if it contains the chemical that is mentioned. If not ,use step 3.
  2. Pour about 3 cups of water into the small bucket,add 1/2 cup white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of castile soap and a quarter cup powdered oxygen bleach to the water. The mixture will start to fizz so do not be alarmed. Place the brush into the solution. Let it soak for thirty or more minutes. Make sure that you are using oxygen bleach and not chlorine bleach. This is because chlorine bleach will create a gas that is toxic if it is mixed with vinegar.
  3. To use chlorine bleach solution. Combine equal parts of the bleach and water in a bucket and swirl the brush in the solution. After that, rinse it with both soap and water. Keep in mind that there will be some chlorine residue on it and should not be used with vinegar.
  4. Rinse the brush and wipe the handle with a paper towel.

Extra Tips

  • As an alternative solution, you can fill in your toilet bowl brush with an all purpose cleaner and store it in the solution. seatHow Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?,How To Prevent Your Toilet Bowl Brush From Turning Yellow,Introduction To Toilet Bowl Brush,Should You Buy A New Toilet Bowl Brush?,The Best Way To Clean A Toilet With A Toilet Brush,toilet bowl brushIntroduction To Toilet Bowl Brush A toilet bowl brush is used as a tool for cleaning your toilet bowls. It can be used to clean the toilet's upper area and around the bowl. However, it can't be used to clean into the toilet's U-bend as it is rather far. In...It's all about things u need to know about your toilet seat, toilet holder, shower curtain and shower candy.